I started this creative journey as a hobby about three years ago when I discovered the amount of happiness and rush that capturing moments in time gave to me. When my camera is in hand - the hours pass like minutes and the work feels like play.  I enjoy making people smile by capturing the candid moments they can treasure forever! I will climb, jump, crawl, lay and do just about anything to get the perfect angle for the shot. 

I believe there is nothing more uncomfortable than a photographer who does not talk.  In my photo experience, I've learned that not everybody is comfortable with a camera in front of them, which is TOTALLY O.K. I engage with you and I take pride in ensuring that everyone involved feels content. Before, During, and After our shoot, my job is to not only capture your beautiful presence, but to also make sure you have fun doing it!



How much do you charge?

It depends on the type of package you are inquiring for.  Different projects can cost less than others, but typically they can range from..
Email for quote, ask me

Do you edit all of the photos we take?

After the shoot, I make selects of photos based on the package you chose prior.  I do not use the same filter on all of the photos.  I edit all of the selects individually.  Generally, I will shoot a set of photos within our shoot based on what I feel I will want to do with them in the editing process. You will get a range of color photos as well as black and white photos.  Details of the editing process and what you are looking for will be discussed before our shoot so that I can accommodate your needs.

When will I receive my photos?

This is one of the most important details that will be discussed prior to our shoot. I take pride in being punctual for when you receive your images. The timing completely depends on the type of project you have and/or the package you choose.  If you would need the images within a week, I would most likely charge extra for urgency. Typically, images will be sent to you within 2-4 weeks of the shoot date. I send a preview of about 1 to 3 images to you within a few days. 

How will I receive my photos?

I prefer to send the final images via a flash drive and a transfer site that sends them straight to you e-mail to download directly to your computer. I send the 1 to 3 image preview via social media or e-mail.

What should I wear? Do we have to find a location of the shoot or do you handle everything?

All shoot specific questions are discussed prior to the shoot!  We will go over clothing, location, accessories, etc., based on what you are looking for. I will bounce ideas around for what I think would be best, in my opinion.  I have a lot of flexibility and I am prepared to handle all of the details. But, REMEMBER, this is YOUR shoot and I am here to capture YOUR light, I encourage you to speak up and let me know exactly what you are looking to get out of our shoot!

What's the best way to contact you?

E-mail or social media! I would love to chat about any questions you have for booking a shoot! I am very easy to get a hold of and I will answer your questions as soon as they reach me.